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The HFC Branding Studio

Explore our comprehensive branding services, which allows you to streamline your interior design and property branding needs all under one roof.


Our Services


Brand Identity Creation

  • Logo Design: Distinctive logos that embody your property's essence.

  • Font Pack & Color Palette: Custom fonts and colors that convey your brand’s personality.

  • Brand Guidelines: Clear instructions to maintain consistency across all brand materials.


Visual & Digital Design

  • Web Design & Development: Engaging websites that enhance your online presence.

  • Photography & Videography: High-quality visuals that capture your brand’s story.


Strategic Brand Development

  • Strategy & Creative Direction: Strategic planning and visionary guidance for brand positioning and messaging.

  • Customer Personas: Insights into your target audience to tailor your branding effectively.


Marketing Materials & More

  • Marketing Collateral: Business cards, flyers, and brochures to showcase your brand.

  • Signage & Banners: Eye-catching designs for effective physical branding.

  • Add-Ons: Social media kits, swag, and more to complement your branding needs.


We're committed to simplifying and elevating your property branding journey. We tailor our branding services to your needs. Whether big or small, we partner with you where and when you need us.  

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