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Explore HFC's Multifamily Design Services—where innovation meets expertise. With 100+ projects completed and 70 in progress, we apply a smart design process for a result reflected in dividends. 

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Full Service Interior Design

We provide detailed, expertly documented design from initial concept to final installation. We work closely alongside the development team through  customary stages of construction to provide an interior project scope on time and within budget.


Exterior Finish Selections

We provide exterior finish selections in keeping with your property’s brand identity to ensure a cohesive sense of place from the exteriors to the interiors for a fully developed design aesthetic. 


Renovation & New Construction

Whether breathing new life into existing spaces or bringing a vision to life through new construction, we work on both new construction & renovation projects. We seamlessly integrate design elements with functionality, ensuring a successful transformation that aligns with your goals.


Branding Support

Establish a distinctive identity with our branding support services. We collaborate closely to understand your brand ethos and translate it into a cohesive design language. From logos to visual elements, we help reinforce your brand presence in the built environment. 

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Experience thoughtful design in action with our  industry-proven design process

  • 06 FF&E Procurement
    HFC purchases the furniture, fixtures, and equipment presented and approved during the design development phase. These items include but are not limited to all clubhouse/common area furnishings, pool/patio/outdoor furnishings, model furnishings, artwork, accessories, rugs, and custom window treatments. Fitness equipment and light fixtures are also purchased if requested by the client.
  • 05 Administration of Documents
    HFC will consult with the client and contractor to establish the construction timeline and assist with project administration. Review shop drawings and submittals for conformance with the design concept and for compliance with the information specified in the ID drawing package. Provide on-going communication with the construction team providing clarification of design intent.
  • 04 Document Preparation
    HFC will prepare documents as required by construction for interior coordination. The expertly documented ID set includes lighting, electrical and finish plans, legends and schedules, elevations, and details as required to execute design intent. For unit documentation, we provide finish and lighting layouts and specifications. HFC will work with other consultants for necessary construction coordination efforts.
  • 02 Schematic Design
    HFC presents conceptual ideas and layouts for the client to review and discuss. This may include imagery, sketches, and informal drawings.
  • 01 Programming
    Crucial information exchange that establishes the scope for the interior design program. The client expresses vision for the space, specific design goals, and the projected timeline for design deliverables.
  • 03 Design Development
    HFC will work to advance conceptual ideas into a working design to be coordinated with the architect and other trades. The space planning and finishes will be refined to a point to be presented to the client for approval.
  • 02 Schematic Design
    HFC, with an architect, presents samples, including floor plans and finishes. Budget finalized.
  • 05 Administration of Documents
    Guidance through project administration, ensuring design plan compliance by construction team and addressing queries.
  • 01 Discovery
    Crucial initial discussion. Client shares vision, goals, and timeline; HFC presents preliminary design budget.
  • 04 Document Preparation
    HFC prepares essential identification documents for spaces in scope of work. These documents can include lighting plans & coordination, finish schedules, key elevations, furniture layouts and the like.
  • 03 Design Development
    Refinement of design concept, materials, lighting, and furniture recommendations.
  • 06 Furniture, Art & Accessory Procurement
    HFC purchases approved furniture, art, and accessories, including custom window treatments, pillows and bespoke finds. Installation is scheduled and conducted.
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